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  • Song Review: Ndiwanjawulo by Sheebah.

    / April 25, 2016

    By Hood Moses Abeka

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    My favourite Sheebah song so far. This song has a refreshing appeal. Sheebah’s simplicity and finely woven lyrics drives the message soothingly.

    The song opens with energetic pulsations before relaxed sounds of a wind instrument wafts in and out occasionally. The soft textured song rubs calmly on the soul like a massage in a drizzle.

    The singer’s choice of lyrics is so spot on. She sings about a new relationship. We all love the joy of a new relationship. At the beginning, its a kind of quick fix to the old failed relationship and stress of the previous association and degrading feeling to the opposite sex.

    However, “Ndiwanjawulo” brings in that assurance that “this new course” will lead to the sunsets you dream of. The singer appreciates the new lovers experiences while maintaining that this is a new relationship. She begs the lover to drop his hurt ego and carry on with her as the only and best option available since the others failed. She promises to make up for the lost emotional energy. How romantic! How reassuring! How sweet! Good stuff!



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