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  • Socialite Don Bahati vows to keep Ivan Ssemwanga’s legacy alive

    / December 27, 2017

    Don Bahati

    By Our Reporter

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    South Africa based Ugandan businessman and socialite Don Bahati wants Ivan Ssemwanga’s legacy to live on. Bahati who was a friend of the late tycoon has revealed that he is organizing a party in his honour.

    “After Ivan Ssemwanga’s death, people started asking what would become of the lavish parties he had been hosting. It is then that I vowed that I would carry on his legacy. I am here to make the Rich Gang party possible.” He told journalists on Tuesday.

    Dubbed “Money and Power”, Bahati revealed that the party will be carried out in a manner akin to Ssemwanga’s style which was defined by pompous displays of wealth. “I want to make it rain,” he added. “I will be giving away several goodies including phones, money and I will top it all off with an open bar.”

    The party will be held for the first time on Thursday, December 28 at Club Guvnor and entrance is 50K.

    Ssemwanga who was widely known for partying hard and his spendthriftness passed away in a South African hospital in May this year where he had been admitted in a coma for several days after he suffered a stroke.

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