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  • Socialite Bryan White promises to make it rain at Black and White Party

    / November 17, 2017

    New socialite Bryan White has already booked a table at the upcoming Black and White party. He handed over 5 Million in cash to Connie Brownsuga, the proprietor of the much anticipated party early this week.

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    While handing over the cash, the sensational money bags promised that he would make it rain at the party and encouraged revelers to turn up in big numbers.

    Meanwhile, this comes days after the organizers of the party also announced that singers Geosteady and Bobi Wine will headline the event.

    The party will be held at Club Guvnor on Thursday, December 14 and will be hosted by MC Esco alongside UK based Ugandan Nancy Mugga.

    Tickets to the party go for 50K.

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