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‘Second Chance’ soap opera actress Lorena Rojas dead after a long battle with cancer.




Mexican telenovela actress Lorena Rojas died Monday after a battle with cancer.

Rojas, 44, died at her home in Miami, surrounded by her boyfriend, family and friends, her talent management agency Latin WE said.

She had been fighting cancer since 2008. That year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2013, after the tumor metastasized to others parts of her body, she told Mexican state news Agency Notimex that “[she] was very aware that this disease… is a chronic disease.”
Last year, she was told the tumor had spread to her liver.

Her last tweet was less than a week ago, on the day of her 44th birthday. “Thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me. Beautiful day,” she wrote.

Rojas starred in more than a dozen soap operas, including “El Cuerpo del Deseo,” “Alcanzar una estrella” and, most recently, “Rosario.”

Last year, inspired by her adopted daughter Luciana, she worked as a singer-songwriter for a children’s album, “Hijos del Sol.”

Throughout the day Tuesday, Latin stars and fans took to Twitter to remember Rojas.

“As the first time I met you, full of light, that is how I’ll remember you Lorena Rojas,” tweeted Grammy Award-winning singer Ricardo Arjona.

Source: CNN

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Celebrity Gossip

Abryanz Awards open for nominations today



By Reporter

Days after announcing the return of the famous Abryan Style and Fashion Awards, ASFA CEO Brian Ahumuza and Talent Africa boss Alli Alibhai have today announced nominations for the ASFA 2019 are open.

“This year’s ASFAs feature 14 categories, 4 categories are honorary and will be awarded by the ASFA 2019 panel while the remaining 10 categories are up for nominations. Nominations start today on 23rd August and end on 8th October. We encourage masses to get engaged in the activity so we do not have their stars left out” Abryanz commented during the announcement.


Honorees (To be selected by the Asfa 2019 panel)

1. Icon Award

2. Lifetime Achievement Award

3. Positive Change

4. Special recognition Award for Innovation

Competitive Categories

  1. Fashion Designer
  2. Model of the Year (Uganda and Africa)
  3. Fashion Stylists (Uganda and Africa)
  4. Hair stylist (Uganda and Africa)
  5. Fashion Photographer (Uganda and Africa)
  6. Make up Artist (Uganda and Africa)
  7. Most Stylish Artist (Uganda and Africa)
  8. Music Video Award (Uganda and Africa)
  9. Fashion Media Excellence (Uganda and Africa)
  10. Fashionista of the Year (Uganda and Africa)


Via email:

STEP 1: Give a brief description of yourself or the person you would like to

nominate under a specific category.

STEP 2: Attach a portfolio (work) of the nominee

STEP 3: Send email to

A confirmation of receipt will be sent for received submissions.

Via website:

STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: Fill in the nomination form on the website about yourself or the person

you would like to nominate under a specific category.

STEP 3: Attach a portfolio with the nominee’s work in the fashion industry.

STEP 4: Submit.

Via Social Media

Using your active twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Post a picture of your nominee

Caption the image with the name of the category and nominee you wish to


Don’t forget to use the hashtags #ASFA2019 #TheSTARZ

A confirmation of receipt will be sent for received submissions.

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Photos: What you missed at the Nkozi Hill party



By Our Reporter

Party animals who turned up for the Nkozi Hill party on Saturday must have exited the hilly venue with aching muscles from all the nonstop dancing and all-night partying in what was indeed a lit party.

Revelers lost themselves in the music while excitedly dancing to the myriad of DJ mixes that kept on playing, a perfect cocktail of fun and good times.

Despite being dubbed the camping edition, party animals ended up trading the camping experience for the party vibes as many preferred to blast the night away.

The event was crowned with Voltage Music duo, Kent and Flosso delivering a showstopping performance of their hit songs like ‘Byaafayo’ ‘Pull up’ and the crowd’s favourite, ‘Squeeze’ that left the crowd feeling completely alive for the most part of the night.

Revellers were also treated to an outdoor 3D Cinema experience as well as a gaming station that had the much more reserved crew catered for with many getting so involved on their own island of fun.

Sponsored by Tusker Lite, the ‘go out of town’ party lived up to its billing as many students and party lovers turned up for the massive Nkozi Hill party experience.

Here are some photos from the event.

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Rema Fires Nikkah Wedding Committee



By Staff Writer

Rema Namakula, the soon to be wife to Dr. Hamza Ssebunya over the weekend was forced to overhaul her wedding committee.

This follows allegations of financial misappropriation among the committee members. Among those fired was the treasurer who could not account for all the funds raised so far.

A new treasurer was appointed and Rema assured everyone that this will be the biggest Nikkah in history.

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