Sauti Sol tour bus accident
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  • Sauti Sol tour bus involved in nasty accident, one dead

    / April 21, 2017

    Sauti Sol’s tour bus belonging to Modern coast company limited was on Wednesday involved in a fatal road accident near Malindi airport leaving one dead (the driver of the bus) and two injured.

    The bus was en route Nairobi from Malindi when the accident happened. According to reports, the bus crashed into a stationary truck which had been involved in another accident with a tuk tuk.

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    Sauti Sol tour bus accident

    “Our bus from Malindi to Nairobi Reg: KCF 614u has been involved in an accident near Malindi airport. The accident that has happened near Malindi airport was fatal and 2 casualties rushed to Malindi district hospital. The two casualties who were passengers are out of danger and we wish them quick recovery. And we mourn with family and friends of the departed soul. Our bus hit a stationary lorry which had been involved in another accident with a tuk tuk,” reads part of a statement released by management.


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