Olives Restaurant and Bar
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  • Review: Olives Restaurant and Bar, the Heaven in Naguru

    / November 23, 2017

    Olives Restaurant and Bar

    By Ian Ortega

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    Located in the middle of Naguru, opposite the Surgery Clinic, Olives Restaurant and Bar is that one hangout spot that immediately infects you with calmness.

    It is rare to find the kind of place in the city that would make you feel at ease on a Wednesday evening. Yet, Olives is that place. Speaking of Wednesdays, they have a special where you get a free glass of wine for every meal you buy here.

    None beats their traditional oven pizzas, it’s that taste that captures the buds long after the pizza is done. But the environ itself is one of calmness, and relaxation. It’s the perfect place to de-stress.

    Then comes their customer care. Despite having a big white clientele, they treat all their guests equally. You really feel at home. And there’s a speed to their meals preparation. You won’t have to wait until you can’t wait no more.

    Olives Restaurant and Bar

    By the way, they have these quotes they scribble on their boards. Such as; “if you want to look thin, hang around with fat people.” Haha, or “why you need to hang around troubled people, because troubled people always have plenty of alcohol”.

    There is some cool music that serenades in the background. It’s a super 5 star experience coming in at a very cheap price. I would definitely bet on it every single Wednesday and the days after… It’s the perfect place to grab your cold Black Bell.

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