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Interview: Rapper Lagum opens up about his music journey and upcoming projects



Lagum Owor

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By Our Reporter

Talented rapper and producer Lagum aka Lagum Owor will be one of the performing acts at the 18th edition of the Tusker Malt Lager powered and House of Deejays organized Blankets and Wine Kampala.

The rapper who has been behind some music hits such as ‘100’ where he featured Ruyonga and Tucker HD as well as ‘Real’ which also featured Ruyonga will be looking to thrill the crowd come 20th August at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Lagum, whose music style is a fusion of trap and RnB, makes a blend of music called ‘Alternative Rap’. He will be sharing a stage with Nigerian sensation Seyi Shay alongside some Uganda stars such as; Joel Sebunjo, Rabadaba, T Bro, General Czar’bu and Shifah Musisi. Also performing will be Burkina Faso’s pop star Alif Naaba.

We caught up with the ‘Social Lives’ album star who hopes to be one of the best producers in Africa and asked him a few questions ahead of this week’s event.

Qn: What inspired Lagum to start rapping?

I think I was first influenced by one of my favorite rappers, Lupe fiasco. When I started listening to him I was really taken by rap and started to write my own rhymes to his songs. That was in 2009 and here we are!

Qn: What would you describe your music as?

Whenever people ask me this question, I really struggle to answer it. The best way I can put it is my musical style is a fusion of trap, RnB, and a bunch of other sounds. I’d call it Alternative rap music but I have no idea what that means right now!

Qn: What inspired your ‘Social Lives’ album?

Well Social Lives was inspired by the fact that a lot of people are fake online. Essentially the album is about being who you are and not worrying about what people think. That was the goal when I released it in 2015.

Qn: What are some of your most memorable stage performances?

My most memorable stage performances were at A Ka Dope first Friday and A Ka Dope weekend. The energy the crowd has is incredible and I’m a guy who feeds of that energy. I like to move around and get hyped but I also enjoy being able to bring an audience to a quiet, stand still moment with a song. When I can do both in one set, then that’s a great performance.

Qn: Are there any particular Ugandan artists you would wish to work with?

JC Muyonjo and Solome Basuuta are high up on that list. I’d love to do a couple songs with them. I have performed with Solome and its always such an amazing time with her, so I’m looking forward to when we sit down and make a record.

Qn: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while performing on stage?

I am not sure I have had too many funny moments but there was a time the crowd wanted me to perform another song after I had finished my set. I improvised with a friend who was performing and we still don’t know how we pulled it off to this day!

Qn: Are there any projects in the works that we should look out for?

Well, I currently have a project out named ‘X-tension.’ But you should expect at least one more project from me this year.

Qn: Where do you see Lagum five years from now?

I see myself as an established producer/artist world-wide. Touring Africa and making Uganda famous for the right reasons.

Qn: What advice would you give to a young upcoming artist?

I’m still upcoming myself to be honest. I haven’t reached my goals for this year yet. But I will say that if you keep working on your craft, always looking to improve, and believing that God will make a way, things will start happening for you faster than you think.

Qn: Your top five rappers of all time?

Eminem would be first on the list in my opinion. Followed by Tupac, Biggie, Kendrick Lamar, and then Lupe Fiasco. A lot of people are going to scream but that’s what I think!

Qn: This will be your second performance at Blankets and Wine Kampala. What should people expect from you?

People should expect some laid back moments as well as some energy. That’s all I will say without revealing too much.

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Cardi B agrees on 10M USD deal to halt divorce with Offset



Cardi B may have settled her marital issues with Offset for a $10 million agreement. Rumor has it that the Bronx femcee has agreed to get back together with her estranged husband after he offered her a deal which is too good to be turned down.

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One of Cardi’s says that the 26-year-old star wanted to take Offset back, but she needed to make sure he would never cheat on her again. “Offset got Cardi out here looking bad. He’s not only cheating, but being real reckless,” the so-called friend explains.

Cardi reportedly agreed on the deal and wanted to put the “cheat penalty” in writing. The insider says that Cardi and Offset are no longer “separated” and are now “working on” their marriage again, adding, “It’s not like everything is back to normal. But that’s [Cardi’s] love, and her babys father, and her husband. She’s taking him back.”

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Vinka’s Chips na ketchup to be remixed with Nigerian star, Ketchup



It is arguably one of the songs that really fronted musician Vinka as one of the artists to look out for, this year.

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‘Chips na Katchup’ was received well by music lovers as soon as it hit the airwaves, making it one of the biggest hits immediately. Vinka then became an artist to look out for.

Well it looks like we are about to dance to the same hit afresh as Nigerian artist, Ketchup jumps onto the remix to give it a more dancehall sound. Ketchup has been at Route Entertainment studios in Bbunga recording a remix to the song, produced by Eli Arkhis and Yese Oman, and we cannot wait for the magic that is about to happen!

Ketchup is popularly known for his jam,”Pam Pam” among others.

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Weasel opens up on how Radio’s death affected him



Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things to recover from, and it takes time to finally come to grips with such brutal reality. At the beginning of the year, the country lost one of the most talented artists in Mowzey Radio ,one half of singing dynamic duo Radio and weasel, who passed on from injuries incurred during a bar brawl.

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Weasel has moved on regardless, recording music as one man band and doing some collabos with fellow artists like King Saha, though he still has not been completely the same person since his music partner and ‘brother’ passed.

He recently intimated to Adelle on Kiss fm Kenya that it was really hard losing Radio. He stopped hanging out in clubs for a while because he could not bare listening to the music they had made together since it brought back very many memories that hurt him.

He also regrets ignoring some of his fallen friend’s phone calls, and leaving him without communicating his whereabouts which has taught him to treasure friendship even more. Weasel also says that Radio’s death helped unite artists in Uganda.

Weasel who is currently in Kenya recording a new season of Coke studio plans to do a special tribute to Radio on the show.

Weasel added that Radio’s death unified Ugandan artistes who had been beefing.

“When Radio was alive, artistes were fighting each other. But when he died, they all tried to come together and they no longer fight because most of them realised the importance of being united. That was a positive thing that happened,” he said.

One highlight that puts a smile on his face when he remembers Radio is when they received their first payment of USh1 million after their first hit song, ‘Nakudata’.

Weasel also revealed that he will pay a tribute to Radio with other singers on Coke Studio 2019.

“It is my second time to be on Coke Studio. This time teaming up with other artistes and paying tribute to the fallen soldiers like Radio and other stars,” he said.

He is also working on a new album that has 15 songs, as well as Radio’s album, which he left unfinished.

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