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  • Song Review: Rapper Kayce House makes decent effort at trap music on “Trippin”

    / April 7, 2017

    Kayce House

    Trap is the new thing in global hip hop market and some folks are so quick to take the trend and flow with the tide.

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    The beauty of trap is its enchanting beats and a rather carefree style of wordplay. With this breed of rap, you can get away with what most purists would not stand perhaps the reason some old school rappers have been calling off this kind of rap.

    But that’s at the highest level. Back home, anything goes. Upcoming rapper Kayce House tries his hand at this flow on his single “Trippin” and makes a decent effort.

    He brings the feeling of enjoying life, living good life, and moving on from a failed relationship. Isn’t that what everyone aims for?

    However, such a song would get better reception, if only for the benefit of the local audience, by blending in some Luganda words.

    Listen to the song below.

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