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  • Rapper Big Trill explains meaning of the title of his new song – “Sumo Mi”.

    / May 2, 2016

    Rapper Big Tril

    By Lee Osbourne

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    Rapper Big Trill recently revealed the meaning of Sumo Mi, the title of his new song that he did with Nigerian Rapper Ujay.

    While appearing on local television for the premiere of this music┬ávideo, Big Trill was asked to explain the meaning of this song title and he revealed that “Sumo” means “come closer”.

    He added that the song is on his new album dubbed Trilogy that describes Big Trill as a rapper, poet and singer.

    The album also features other songs like Colour ya Zari, Batuwulira, Pretty girls and Kyoyagala ft. Maurice Kirya.

    Big Trill concluded by saying that he is ready to take rap music to another level indicating that he is now concentrating on the international scene.

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