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  • Radio and Weasel Manager swindles 40 Million

    / June 9, 2016

    By BigEyeUg Team

    The latest coming in from Radio and Weasel’s camp is that the duo are about to fall out with manager Chagga for allegedly swindling 40 million shillings from their coffers.

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    Radio and Weasel hang out with their manager Chagga in the recent past.

    A source has told us that Chagga who is paying off a big chunk of land off Mityana road has managed to swindle over 40 Million from the artistes by under declaring the monies they make off shows from big city businessmen and women. The artistes got a tip off when they were away on a weekend show in Seychelles which was highly attended.

    According to what they were told, the manager who took over from Jeff Kiwa was investing the money in business and land around Kampala.

    According to the singers, this is the same thing that their former manager was doing moments before they fired him.

    Chagga insists that he has been declaring all the monies and that he is clean. His job hangs in the balance right now since the artistes need money to invest in their gospel album that they will be releasing soon especially after they made loses at the Omwana Wa Bandi show because of the Tubonga Nawe saga.

    We will keep you posted.



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