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  • Photos: The Shongas bring joy to Mulago patients

    / March 16, 2017

    It was a joyous evening as The Shongas visited Mulago hospital on Thursday.

    The celebrity couple, Herbert and Dorothy Shonga reached out to patients in the Mulago causality ward in a charity drive that formed part of Herbert’s birthday celebrations.

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    Herbert, who was turning a year older today, exhibited a heart of selflessness as he forewent other pleasures to share his big day with bedridden men and women at Mulago hospital to whom he donated gift hampers.

    Herbert also shared a birthday cake with the patients.

    “I feel great joy to have brought smiles to the faces of these patients. We pray for your quick recovery,” he said after the ceremony.

    The patients, whose joy was palpable, thanked the Shongas for the kind heart as they noted that it’s such gestures that restore their hope for a quick recovery.

    Here are some photos from the charity drive:

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