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  • Photos: Hellen Lukoma reaches out to struggling elderly woman

    / March 16, 2017

    Local actress and singer Hellen Lukoma is a woman with a big heart.

    The singer has extended a helping hand to a one Nabatanzi Immaculate, a struggling elderly woman who is taking care of two handicapped children.

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    This after a video emerged online of Nabatanzi calling out for help. Nabatanzi says she has been abandoned by society and has to struggle to take care of her two disabled kids through doing different odd jobs. She was recently hit by another misfortune as her house was destroyed in a storm and she is now homeless.

    Through the Hellen Lukoma Foundation, the petite star donated different items to Nabatanzi.

    “She was happy to see us, she cried tears of joy, and I myself  can’t ask for anything else but the joy I got in seeing her smile. I alone am not enough, I need a helping hand, together with anybody else willing to help this mother. I believe we can bring happiness to her life.” She said after making her donation.

    Here are photos of Hellen Lukoma with the needy woman.

    Hellen Lukoma charity

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