Sheebah Karungi
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  • Opinion: Sheebah Is Uganda’s Best Music Artiste At the Moment

    / September 27, 2016

    Sheebah Karungi

    By Ian Ortega

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    There is a silent era going on. And that era is being led by a Queen.

    Without mincing my words, I will boldly state that Sheebah is currently Uganda’s best music artiste. I know this place has never been held by a woman. But for the first time, we must agree that Sheebah holds that spot.

    For two years, Sheebah has consistently produced hit after hit. And she just keeps getting better. Just as a thought is about to crop up in your head that she has peaked, she proves you wrong and outs another banger. She has even brought Aziz Azion back to the map.

    From the Ice Cream song, Sheebah has never looked back. She asked that we take her for ice cream, then pleaded with me saying “Nkwatako”.

    After I dumped her, she brought out her Kisasi Kimu as she asked “wadawa ex.” This Omulembe belongs to Sheebah.

    If you don’t agree, go argue with your ancestors. Huh!

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