Revelers enjoy a great time at Koko bar and lounge
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  • Opinion: Koko Bar and Lounge Is The Best Night Hangout Spot in Uganda

    / February 19, 2017

    By Ian Ortega

    For over 3 years, Koko Bar and Lounge has consistently ruled the night scene in Kampala. I have been to Sky Lounge, Panamera, Legends, Alchemist, Monot, GattoMatto, name it all. I have even been to Mukono and Jinja.

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    There is no hangout spot in the country that just has a certain collective night energy like Koko Bar. It just never disappoints. Of course, it also has its fair share of the ladies of the night, but if you have partied long enough, you can always spot them and stay clear.

    Revelers enjoy a great time at Koko bar and lounge

    Revelers enjoy a great time at Koko bar and lounge.

    Whereas other hangout spots in the city get more boring as night time progresses, at Koko bar it is different. You will get there at 6am and it will feel like the night has just started.

    What has been the secret of Koko bar’s greatness? How could a bar in Ntinda rule the night scene in the city?

    For a newbie, there is really nothing that exceptional about Koko bar. It doesn’t have the best of buildings. It doesn’t have the best of deejays. But it just rocks. It is a mystery too hard to explain.

    Revelers enjoy a great time at Koko bar and lounge

    Revelers dance the night away at Koko bar and lounge.

    From its Rwandan waitresses, to its melange of a clientele, Koko bar is all things in one. Above all is the fact that Koko bar is that hang out that sets you free, grants you the keys to the night and the permission to mould anything you want out of the night.

    And please if you are planning to argue, go argue with your clanmates.

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