Judith Babirye
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  • OPINION: It is time for Gospel Artistes to break out of their shell and shine

    / October 17, 2017

    Judith Babirye

    Judith Babirye is one of the leading gospel artistes in Uganda

    By James Propa

    It is evident from several digital music selling platforms that comparatively gospel music is one of the most selling genres of music in the world. However it is evident in Uganda, most gospel artists tend to lock themselves in serving ‘the converted’ than serving the entire market.

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    It is also true that however much there is too much politics in the music industry, there is equally too much politics in the churches and this further reduces the audiences to which the gospel artists promote their music. This also affects the turn up at their concerts.

    With this kind of politics hitting you up from both angles, there is absolutely little room to shine and benefit from your career.

    Don’t you find it quite terrible that in 2017, we have only had 2 gospel artists staging relatively big concerts? Hon Judith Babirye and Levixone at the Museum. What is common about these 2 is the way they tapped into the radio stations and opportunities that are not driven by religion.

    It is time for other gospel artists to start creating universal content using simple language that even non-believers can understand and like. This is when they will become happy and also have an opportunity to own mansions and sleek cars like their counterparts doing other genres of music.

    Get out of your shell and shine!

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