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  • New Vision Cancels Uncle Money’s Air Ticket To Gabon: “He Has Emputu”

    / January 19, 2017

    Uncle Money

    By Our Reporter

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    Last evening, Robert Kabushenga, the CEO of Vision Group announced that they had officially cancelled Uncle Money’s air ticket.

    This follows an earlier expose we made that showed how Uncle Money was yet to travel to Gabon for AFCON.

    According to Kabushenga, “Uncle Money has emputu and kamanyiro. We paid for his air ticket then he demanded that we also cater for his accommodation and other living expenses. We thus cancelled the ticket with RwandaAir.”

    Robert Kabushenga tweet

    But we also beg to ask? What was Vision Group expecting? That Uncle Money would sleep on the streets of Gabon? Cater for his transport expenses in and around Gabon? Were they trying to leverage the free publicity in their virtue signalling stunts?

    Or perhaps the Organisation is just broke.

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