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  • Musicians who used their booty to get fans in 2016 revealed

    / December 21, 2016

    By Prim Kembabazi

    Music is not the only thing that Ugandan female artistes are using to get fans. In 2016, some of the singers used their booty, call it kitone, to get as many fans as possible. It is like wiggling their booties was the best way to make it to the top of the chats.

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    1. Winnie Nwagi

    Yes, she has a couple of songs playing on air but if it was not for her booty, Winnie Nwagi would not have made it big in 2016 according to sections of the public. Apparently some Kampala men are so mesmerized by her booty that they will do anything to see her on stage, buy her cds, and download her videos among other things. In doing all this, they have made her a star without knowing. Even better, Winnie always shows up for shows in skimpy and tight dresses bringing out her behind for all to see.

    2. Desire Luzinda

    If her new video, Kimala doesn’t say it all then we have nothing to add. Musician Desire Luzinda has done her best to keep her booty big and keep the fans loyal. Through 2016, Desire has not released so many songs, but she has made sure that whenever she goes out, her booty stands out for all to see. Desire, let’s have more music come 2017.

    3. Leila Kayondo

    From her instagram posts, one can deduce that Leila Kayondo has more booty to show than music for her fans. Be it late in the night, early in the morning or any time, the singer will parade her booty in skimpy clothing to get the best of fans. 2016 has worked for her thanks to this strategy hence a spot on this list.

    4. Grace Nakimera

    This year, Grace has not done a lot of music. She was in the news for her relationship with Tooro’s King Oyo and of course her booty. Like the rest of the people on this list, Grace does her best to make sure that everyone notices her behind in order to follow her like a bewitched person. More music madam, fans in 2017 may not be as kind.

    5. Margla Da Raggamuffin gyal

    It seems Margla Da Raggamuffin gyal’s motto this year has been less music and more booty. From her raunchy Facebook posts, one can clearly see that she is spending more time in FACO than in the studio. With this she has used her behind to get loyal fans. We hope this still works for her in the New Year.



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