Qute Kaye
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  • Musician Qute Kaye gives his life to Jesus

    / February 17, 2017

    Qute Kaye

    By Our Reporter

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    Faded Ugandan musician Qute Kaye has been reborn.

    Famous¬†for his single, “Ginkese”, Kaye has decided to turn away from his sinful ways and give his life to Jesus Christ.

    He made the life-changing decision on Thursday as he¬†sought salvation at renowned Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church, Rubaga Miracle Centre.

    This happened at the ongoing crusade by Pr. Kayanja dubbed “77 Days of Glory”.

    The singer revealed that his hunger for fame and money had led him to do despicable things including visiting shrines and witch doctors where he made sacrifices.

    However, he has had enough of that life and is now seeking new beginnings.

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