Meet the TRIO That Acted the UCU Sextape In the Shower, ‘18 and Over’ video Girl is One of them
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  • Meet the TRIO That Acted the UCU Sextape In the Shower, ‘18 and Over’ video Girl is One of them

    / November 5, 2013

    By Our Reporter

    We had promised not to expose the team behind all this, but guess what, karma sometimes changes direction. Well, now that other Media Forums have gone ahead and exposed the names, we are left with no option but to present the cast team. The Sextape was shot in a hired room somewhere in Mukono. So Here we go:

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    1. Khasima Benita (Video Director)
    This is the guy behind the camera, he is the Sextape director. The former student of Seroma Christian High School is currently offering Law at Uganda Christian University. He is the guy who keeps cheering in the video with great powering words like; “squeeze that ass”. Friends have also revealed to that Benita is a drug-addict and needs urgent help. He claims to be CEO and Founder of Robot Ent Money. He was behind the soap-lather script of having sex with soap lather smeared all-over the couple.

    2. Derrick Edwin Muhunde (The Rising Porn-Actor)
    Derrick Edwin Muhunde is a former Student of Seroma Christian High School and a First year student at Uganda Christian University (UCU) where he’s taking a degree course in Procurement and Logistics Management. He has featured in more than two sextapes . Despite the fact that he does Procurement, he forgot to procure condoms during this act. Perhaps, he thought the C in UCU meant condomless. He is the guy who does the drilling though our sources have it that there is also a version where they exchange turns with Benita to drill Annastecia.

    3. Annastecia(The Impressive Porn-Actress)
    The curvy babe is a Procurement student at MUBS. She exported her assets to Mukono where she was drilled waterless in the shower-room. In the Video, she keeps moaning; ‘yes yes’. At one point during the video, she asks the Director whether he’s recording the action in HD.

    Anna is a common figure at Mukono’s top hangout, ‘The Hive’. She is also a part-time model, even though she does most of her modelling during sexual escapades like these. If you watched the ’18 and Over’ music video by Bakri, she featured in it as one of the main acts though she was masked. It is believed that Bakri once tasted her shit and she’s always a phone call away. currently boasts of a Terabyte of these sextapes and will soon launch an Exclusive website section where viewers will pay to have access to these videos. The Komuntale Sex-tape is also on the way. For now, begin saving money to pay for entrance to the VIP section. The Games have begun. Uganda Condomless University sorry Uganda Christian University now leads the league of sextapes followed closely by KIU and MUBS.




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