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  • Meet Momo Elizabeth who is ready to rock your world in music.

    / June 1, 2017

    By BigEyeUg Team

    Who is Momo Elizabeth?

    I am Momo Elizabeth who has been a model for two years now and I am just joined music. I am releasing my first song. I am so passionate about music and modeling.

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    When did you start singing?

    This was when I was 12 years old. I didn’t come out to sing for anyone. I had to go in for school when I got done, I wanted to do modeling first. I enjoyed modeling a lot, people loved my work but then I thought it’s time to go to music.

    What do you love most about music?

    I love the feeling that someone always has when singing. It is so inspiring. When you get into the studio the feeling is so good and everything changing.

    How do you balance music and modeling?

    I love fashion and I love music. You don’t have to be in fashion all the time, you just have to know what to do and where to be. Music needs practice and has it’s own time. So I give modeling the time it requires and do the same for music.

    Where do you see yourself as a musician in five years?

    I can’t say where I see myself. I know am good and I have something to show the fans. I am ready to work hard so in five years I will have done something nice. In five years I would like to see myself like Beyonce.

    Tell us about your latest single Ndibawuwo.

    It is a love song that is an RnB song. It has some touch of ballet to it. My writer called Isaac inspired me to do it. I called him up and told him that I want to become serious with music and he hooked me up with the song. He sent me the song on WhatsApp, I listened to it and I loved it before voicing it. This song has taken me one year to release. I premiered the song on Juice FM, it will play on Simba, CBS, Sanyu, Beat and Galaxy.

    When should we expect the video for Ndibawuwo?

    We have started planning for the video and by the end of June we shall have the video out.

    Are you in love and if Yes who are you in love with?

    What I can say is that I am in love and that’s it but I cannot mention the person.

    What are your thoughts of the Ugandan music industry that you have joined?

    The industry is quite expensive and it is all about the connections that you have. I know I will make it.

    What are your final words to fans or even your starting words since you are kicking off the career?

    Guys, I just need your support and I need everyone to support me, like my music, follow me up and believe in me. I know I will make all of you proud.

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