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  • Malaika Nnyanzi quits Urban TV

    / December 4, 2016

    Local TV star Malaika Nnyanzi has resigned from Urban TV.  She announced her resignation in a statement shared on social media. Read it below.

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    “On 30th November 2016 I resigned from Urban Television.
    I know this is coming as a shock to many of you….but trust me when I say I am as shocked as you are. Everything happened so fast…..but such is life.
    I will forever be grateful to Vision Group for believing in me and giving me a chance to share my talent with all of you. This was my 1st home but I assure you it is not the last.
    I am still going to MC/Host Events, Sweet Lips Brand Ambassador, Acting, Voicing, Fashion and of course TV and Radio. God is in control.
    Thank you ALL so much for the love and support you showed for the shows I presented; URBAN TODAY, FASHIONISTA & THE LOOP
    To everyone I worked with at Urban Television, thank you so much for some of the best memories in my life.
    Now its time for my next chapter.
    Malaika Nnyanzi”

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