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Bakri - Nkwata Lyrics

Artist: Bakri


Genre: R&B

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Ohh Lord ×2 owh owh owh

We do the beat in Fizo again

We do the beat & dance

We do the beat Katuseyeye

We do the beat Katusambagale baibe


Baibe wonkwata nonyweza

baibe wonkwata notonta×2

give your love girl baibe hija twende

give youur love oh baibe

give your love Teranikigooma

Verse 1:

I want live my with you

umh nno baibe nkwanjule

my life without your love mba sitegela

nakupenda sana,njagala onkwate nga tonta yee,

umh bambi nkwanjule, njagala onyweze nga


tuzukuka tulaba njuba ohw

I wanna Meet your your Maama

ohh girl i wanna meet your paapa

ohh girl dance the tune

Dance for my love my girl na owh

*Repeat chorus

Show Me your Love baibe

show me your love ohw ohw

sprinkle your love baibe

tickle my heart – eno love yamuwendo

You Make wanna arrgha

Kiss on your face all over your body

Your make wanna count the stars

picture your face under the moonlight

I wanna meet your maama

Oh girl i wanna meet your paapa

ohh thats the tune

Dance for love girl na ahh a

*Repeat chorus

*Repeat intro

*Repeat Chorus