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  • Filmaker George Stanley’s short film, “Time Irreversible” launched in India

    / January 12, 2017

    By Our Reporter

    Ugandan filmmaker George Stanley Nsamba’s fourth short film, “Time Irreversible” was recently launched in India ahead of its official premiere in Uganda next month. This follows Nsamba’s partnership with Indian executive producer Neeraj Vishwakarma in a move aimed at paving way for future collaborations between Ugandan and Indian film industries.

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    Neeraj Vishwakarma, who has worked with Nsamba on two short films “The Dummy Team” and “Time Irreversible”, travelled to India in December last year to promote the new short film.

    Hon. Speaker of Telangana Legislative Assembly, Mr. Madhusudana Chary and his delegation pose for a group photo shortly after watching “The Dummy Team” and “Time Irreversible”.

    This saw the film launched in India as the official poster was unveiled in front of different members of the Indian press that were  present at the office of the Hon. Speaker of Telangana Legislative Assembly, Mr. Madhusudana Chary, after which the delegation watched “The Dummy Team” and “Time Irreversible”.

    Later that day, the official film poster was also unveiled by the Minister of State for OBC Ayog, Mr. Ram Ashray Vishwakarma at his office in Lucknow U.P, India.

    Hon. Minister of State for OBC Ayog, Mr. Ram Ashray Vishwakarma launches “Time Irreversible” poster at his office in Lucknow U.P, India

    The film was well received in India with the Indian community pledging to support activities of The Ghetto Film Project in helping sensitize society through short films.

    “Time Irreversible”, a film highlighting how the AIDS scourge is affecting the youth, will officially premiere this February at the Uganda National Theater.



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