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  • Liquid Silk’s PR manager, Lindah Lisa fired

    / January 11, 2017

    It is a sad start to the new year for Liquid Silk’s PR manager, Lindah Lisa Mukasa.

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    This comes after she was relieved of her duties at the Bugolobi-based hangout. “I am no longer part of Liquid Silk,” she confirmed.

    Lisa has been replaced by a one Thalma Byenkyawho, who will henceforth handle all business related to the bar and lounge including inquiries and reservations among other things.

    The new development seems to have left Lindah in shock as she shared a cryptic post on social media, before later confirming she had been fired. She posted: “2017: Dont be loyal to Friends / companies dat aint loyal to you!!!”

    Lindah had previously worked with Club Silk, before moving on to Liquid Silk.

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