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  • King Saha inspires fellow artistes after building mansion 

    / April 19, 2017

    Our Reporter

    Musicians are always competing, if not about releasing that big hit, it is about driving the best car in town. However, musician King Saha has taken the game a notch higher by building a mansion not to compete if you can believe him, but to inspire fellow artistes.

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    The singer’s mansion located in Kasenge has dominated conversations among the singer’s peers as most became inspired by him.

    Saha who follows in the footsteps of fellow singers like Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Coco Finger will soon be in his own house and quit renting.

    Word has it that instead of being inspired by him, some of his peers have neen bad mouthing the Sembera singer. A known nemesis of the singer was recently heard telling peers in Makindye that Saha made the wrong decision to build very far from the city. On hearing about this, Saha said that it is better to stay in the ‘village’ in your own house than to stay in a rented pad. 

    We hope many other young artistes are inspired to build and become like Saha.

    We will keep you posted.



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