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  • Kenyan singer Phy crowned winner in Maisha Superstar competition

    / May 6, 2015

    Competition brings out the best and the worst in their contenders. However, this particular one was in favor of Kenyan contender Phylis Ngetich a.k.a Phy who put her A game forward at the recent Maisha Superstars competition finals.

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    Her impressive performance and constant improvement saw her win the hearts of fans, judges, a recording deal and the ultimate prize of Kshs 1.2 Million. The competition pitted stars from different parts of East Africa including Jose Chameleon, Nameless, Shaa, Ay and Rabbit to mentor young upcoming singers to become stars.

    As the competitions went on, it became quite clear that despite all the work, prowess and impressive renditions by the determined competitors, only one would win.

    Final episode was an array of prowess as the up comers Damian, Spirit, Filah and Phy performed alongside their mentors. The Kenyan representative Phy came out on top after an amazing performance.

    Her versatility in different musical genres is bound to propel her to great levels of success. It is indeed clear that Phy is destined for musical greatness.

    Source: SDE



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