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  • Kaz Kasozi, Maria Goretti Kyomuhendo and Sanaa Gateja to receive the 1st Bayimba Honours

    / December 14, 2016

    By Staff Writer

    The Bayimba Honours recognizes private individuals, artists, families, institutions and companies with a consistent record of philanthropy in support of the arts and culture in Uganda.

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    Uganda is presently marked by the lack of a significant local financial support base, yet mapped by profound outside support to the different creative multi-disciplinary initiatives across the country.

    The Bayimba Honours seeks to gradually encourage and increase the level of giving and contribution to the arts and cultural sector in Uganda by propagating a culture of gratitude through the promotion of those already selflessly supporting the sector while they are still alive, hence establishing a culture of philanthropy in Uganda.

    “We are most grateful and congratulate our first three Honourees. We welcome you all to join us in honouring them on the 17th December 2016 as we celebrate their endless efforts,” says Faisal KIWEWA, Director at Bayimba CulturalFoundation.

    The event will be graced and headlined by international acclaimed Ugandan musician GEOFFREY ORYEMA who is also celebrating his homecoming after 40 years in exile. EXILE, the first album out of Oryema’s six exclusive albums to date, outed him as a significant African singer/songwriter.

    LAND OF ANAKA and YE YE YE are two songs out of this ten-track album that were both hit singles in France. For 8 years, YE YE YE served as a signature tune for a cultural talk show on FRANCE 2, one of the biggest TV channels in France. Up to this day, the song is on the set list and for the first time in history audiences in Kampala will be enjoying the song by the master himself.

    Other performances for the night will include:

    • Babaluku, born Silas Babaluku Balabyekkubo, a Ugandan rapper, musician, and producer in collaboration with Kampala Symphony Orchestra, orchestrated and to be conducted by Carmela Sinco who also added her own composition of Kampala Scenes, originally composed for piano, now re-arranged for the orchestra.

    • Julius Lugaaya, founder of Dance Week Uganda, in a dance performance piece, Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi on the Akogo, Derrick Komakech on guitar, Rashida Namulondo in a poetic performance, and Jude Mugerwa with a musical arrangement production.



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