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  • Jeff Kiwa and Child Sacrifice: Is he innocent or not?

    / May 26, 2016

    Jeff KiwaBy James Propa

    Like they say, “There is no business like Showbiz” – somehow everyone wants to be a celebrity or become rich. Well, once you become a famous person at any level, just get ready for people to use your name either for good or bad reasons.

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    Do you remember that story in 2011 of a young man from Mityana conning money saying he is Juliana, or you have forgotten the one recently calling himself Maama Phina’s aide and conning over 4M?

    Well back to the point, Jeff Kiwa since the days when he still managed Chameleone, stories have been going on of how his management has an element of more than just hard work, the right connections and talent.

    Yes, AK47 passed away at De Javu which is claimed to be his bar under circumstances that have remained unclear to-date. I will not go there now, but I still do not think he had anything to do with it(my thought, you have yours).

    For this child sacrifice case, I honestly believe it is one of a typical conman trying to use Jeff’s name. As per the story broadcast on Agataliiko Nfuufu, the conman named himself Jeff and started with conning 20,000/= and then 30,000/= then finally made a demand of a human head of a close relative to the boy.

    In my understanding, the conman thought this guy would not go far with trying to get a head, not knowing this guy was ready to do anything to get himself the riches and live in the US as he had been promised. It does not make sense Jeff Kiwa a manager to an artist who charges 3,500,000/= per show to con 20k. If they were millions then it would make sense. 30k does not even buy Jeff Kiwa so many packs of cigarettes.

    The guy does not mention anywhere that he met Jeff even once or spoke to him on phone. It was basically SMS and Facebook chats.

    We need to understand that when you talk about Illuminati, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is musicians and the top rich people. This makes sense that the conman also opted for the former, Radio and Weasel/ Chameleone’s manager. I mean he has managed the biggest of Uganda’s Showbiz stars, so calling yourself his name can get you millions from the people hungry for fame.

    Also you should get to know that Jeff Kiwa does not have a lot of time for social media as he focuses on research and content(read music) production for his artistes.

    Jeff Kiwa’s normal day starts at 6am, wakes up jogs around Buziga, takes a shower, sits on his Macbook, and starts doing research and buying music off iTunes as he watches international news channels  like CNN, BBC, and the like. He then later goes to the bar or studio.

    He rarely talks to people, not even his friends.

    Another side, what if someone is trying to frame Jeff? We all know he has so many haters, so what ifhe is being framed? Just think and think about all leads.

    Anyways, we will leave the police to do its job, then shall we know the truth may be!

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