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  • Iryn Namubiru sweats in the gym as she fights age

    / April 20, 2017

    Our Reporter

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    Body goals is what Iryn Namubiru is thinking about as she hits the gym on a daily to stay in shape. 

    The singer who has managed to remain relevant in the industry for the last 22 years while looking yonger with every new year has left critics wondering how she does it. 

    Well, her secret is finally out after she started posting videos of her work outs from a top city gym.

    Iryn has been working her a** off, lifting weights, doing treadmill sessions among other exercises to remain young and appeal to the broad Ugandan audience. 

    Today she was spotted with her gym trainer sweating it to keep fit, young and healthy. 

    We hope other musicians can emulate her instead of hating. 

    Here is a video of Iryn at the gym.



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