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  • Here’s why Sheebah was nominated in the Club Music Video Awards

    / February 17, 2017

    Sheebah Karungi

    Fans were left in shock on Thursday evening after Team No Sleep’s Sheebah Karungi unexpectedly decided to pull out of the Club Music Video Awards.

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    According to Team No Sleep manager, Allan Kiwa, they decided to pull out because the awards are allegedly not credible enough.

    “Having put into consideration how much work, effort, money and sleepless nights that go in to bring out projects, we clearly understood the amount of shade being thrown at our work with these nominations. Therefore we as the management team behind Sheebah Karungi choose to exit the CMVA,” Allan Kiwa announced their decision on social media.

    He further went on to quiz the award organisers on how Sheebah had ended up on the nominees list when they had not submitted any of her videos for consideration.

    “What was the basis of Sheebah’s nominations in the club music video awards?” He queried. “As far as I know one needs to submit their videos as one of your qualifications but we didn’t.”

    The award organisers have now come out to respond to his queries. Through their twitter handle, they revealed that her videos had been submitted by videographer Sasha Vybz, since he was the one who directed them.

    Sheebah had been nominated in four categories including Best Set Design, Viral Video Of The Year and Inspirational Message Video Of The Year among others.

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