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  • Gaetano Kagwa quits Urban Today

    / December 1, 2016

    Media personality Gaetano Kagwa has quit Urban Today, the morning show that airs every weekday from 7-9am on Urban TV.

    Gaetano hosted his last show on Wednesday morning. He was was treated to surprise farewell party on air by fellow workmates, bringing his era on the breakfast show to an end.

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    “We hope you enjoyed the time we spent with you as the best duo on Television. Because we definitely did. Gaetano Kagwa has had his last day on Urban Today. Make sure to look out for his new show,” Malaika Nnyanzi, the Urban Today co-host noted.

    However, Gaetano is not leaving Urban TV yet. He will debut his own show dubbed “Talk With Gaetano” on Thursday evening at 7pm on the same TV station.

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