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FULL LIST: 2017 BUZZ Teeniez Awards Nominees Unveiled



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Here is the complete list of the Buzz Teenz Awards 2017.

Teeniez Male Artist

1. Ceaserous

2. Ykee Benda

3. Nutty Neithan

4. MUN G

Teeniez Female Artist

1. Fille

2. Irene Ntale

3. Nwagi Winnie

4. Sheebah

Teeniez Wickedest Dj

1. DJ Ali Breezy

2. DJ Slick Stuart & DJ Roja

3. DJ Mark

4. DJ Crim

Teeniez Gospel Artist/Group

1. Coopy Bly

2. Daisy Ejang

3. Exodus

4. Levixone

5. Ruyonga

Teeniez Flyest Video

1. Kisasi Kimu – Sheebah

2. Dangerous – Ceaserous

3. The way – Sheebah

4. Pull Up – Kent ft Flosso

Teeniez Hottest Riddim

1. Big Bumpa – Mun G & Kemishan

2. Dangerous – Ceaserous

3. Eva – Ykee Benda

4. Farmer RMX – YKee Benda ft Sheebah

Teeniez Gospel Song

1. DNA – Baby Gloria ft. Ruyonga

2. Nnyinimu – Exodus

3. Ani – Levixone

Teeniez Hottest Collabo

1. Big Bumpa – Mun G & Kemishan

2. Eva – Ykee benda ft Dj Roja & Sleek Stuart

3. Farmer RMX – Ykee Benda & Sheebah

4. What Did U do? – Fille and Nutty Neithan

Teeniez Hottest Hip-Hop Song

1. Yes/No – Fefe Busi

2. Rider – Navio

3. Mudaala -Aethan Music Ft Keko,Tucker HD,JB

4. Day Ones – Flex D’Paper Ft Navio & Martha Smallz

Teeniez Beat Maker

1. Diggy Baur

2. Big Nash

3. Nessim

4. The Wizzy

Teeniez Hood Rapper

1. Ruyonga

2. Da Agent

3. Fefe Busi

4. Navio

Teeniez Breakout Artist

1. Ceaserous

2. Da Agent

3. Ykee Benda

4. Fic Fameica

Teeniez Songwriter

1. Yesse Oman Rafiki

2. Ray Signature

3. Ykee Benda


Teeniez Hottest Comedian

1. Anne Kansiime

2. Madrat & Chiko

3. Mariachi

4. Salvador

Teeniez Dancehall Artist/Group

1. Beenie Gunter

2. Nutty Neithan

3. Sheebah

4. Vampino

5. Ziza Bafana

Teeniez Celebrity Stylist

1. Abryanz

2. Slyvia Owori

3. Phiona Kirabo

4. Tazbone

5. Chuck Teeniez

Hottest Radio Personality

1. Denzel

2. Flavia Tumusiime

3. Mr Mosh

4. Siima

Teeniez Funkiest Fm Station

1. XFM



4. HOT 100

Teeniez Teen Tv Show Presenter

1. Crystal Panda

2. Douglas Lwanga

3. Humphrey Wampula

4. Tina fierce


1. Scoop on Scoop

2. T Nation

3. Teen City

4. The Beat Teeniez

Hottest Tv Personality

1. Anita Fabiola

2. Crystal Panda

3. Douglas Lwanga

4. Flavia Tumusiime

Teeniez Tv Station

1. NTV




School Categories


1. Namilyango Rugby Team

2. Kakungulu S.S Hockey Team

3. Kibuli S.S Football Team

4. St. Mary’s Kitende Football Team

Teeniez Female Team

1. Kakungulu S.S Hockey Team

2. St. Mary’s Kitende Basketball Team

3. Kawempe Muslim S.S Football Team

4. St. Mary’s Kitende Netball Team

Teeniez Male Sports Personality

1. Ivan Muwhezi – Buddo S.S

2. Allan Okello – Kibuli S.S.

3.Shafiq Muleme – Kakungulu Memorial

4. Pius Wanji – St Marys Kitende

Teeniez Female Sports Personality

1. Joan Nampungu – St. Mary’s Kitende

2. Alum Fiddy – Kakungulu S.S

3. Nabbosa Mayimuna – Nabisunsa

4. Hasfa Nassuna – Kawempe Muslim Hivos Awards

Teeniez Prefered Icon Of Freedom Of Expression

1. Bobi Wine

2. Humphrey Nabimanya

3. Tamale Mirundi

Teeniez Cool Political Leader

1. Gerald Karuhanga

2. Allan Sewanyana

3. Jennifer Musisi

4. Rebecca Kadaga

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Celebrity Gossip

ABS sinks further as famous Kalondozi presenter Aisha throws in towel



By Stuart G-Khast

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As Kawaala based TV station woes continue after her owner and CEO Pastor Yiga flee the church and country, the TV station has over time left the station staff in search of better opportunities. After presenter Peace Tattoo left the station, another celebrated presenter has left.Your favourite program presenter of the much loved Kalondozi Aisha Naluyija has thrown in the towel and moved to a rival station. Aisha was one of the favourite presenters and closest to pastor Yiga. Her departure from the station has left the station staff demoralized according to sources.

Just like Peace Tattoo, Aisha has joined Moon TV. Word coming through is that there is a worrying resignation trend at the station and that it may be more in few months after her proprietor left.

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Celebrity Gossip

Bobi Wine’s “Kyarenga” voted best song of 2018



Feffe Bussi entertains guests during the Bell Jamz 2018 music countdown held at Design Hub on Friday

Feffe Bussi entertains guests during the Bell Jamz 2018 music countdown held at Design Hub on Friday.

By Our Reporter

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Ugandan music grew in leaps and bounds in 2018 with new artists emerging as stars and owning the music scene, and the old hit makers doing their best to keep churning out good music. Last Friday, the Bell Jamz 2018 Countdown was held, bringing together various professionals in the music industry, from artists to music producers, song writers, DJ’s, media and many more to count down the top 20 people’s choice of the best Ugandan hits of 2018.

The event was a big celebration of Ugandan music attracting a huge attendance of music enthusiasts who came to meet the people behind the music we all enjoy. Some of the notable artists in attendance included Vinka, Lydia Jasmine, John Blaq, Feffe Busi, The Mith, to mention but a few.

Speaking at the event, Bell Lager Brand Manager, Francis Kirabira said the top 20 songs were generated through an online poll that encouraged the public to select what they believe were their favorite 2018 songs.

“The 2018 Bell Jamz Countdown is essentially about recognizing that there was great music put out by artists, song writers, producers and the various professionals who put their minds together to give us the hits that we enjoy. It is a celebration to appreciate all the good Ugandan music that came out in the year 2018 and bring us all together to celebrate Ugandan music talent,” he added.

The event kicked off by counting down the songs from 20 to 1. Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga was voted by the people as the best song of 2018, with Mateeka by Jose Chameleone and Mataala by Winnie Nwagi coming in as second and third choice respectively.

Here’s the full list:

20. Romance – Toniks

19. Bankuza – Chosen Becky

18. Bad Energy – DJ  Ciza ft. Cosign

17. Mpa love – King Saha & Weasel

16. Sconto – Fik Fameica

15. Mummy – A Pass

14. Sabula – Fille

13. Olina Work – Beenie Gunter

12. Born to win – Fik Fameica

11. Chips na ketch up – Vinka

10. Twazikoze – Hit Nature

9. Very Well – Slick Stuart and Roja ft. King Saha

8. You and me – Lydia Jazmine

7. Tukwatagane – John Blaq

6. Turn the replay – Levixone

5. Wankona – Sheebah

4. Biri Biri – King Saha

3. Mataala – Winnie Nwagi

2. Mateeka – Jose Chameleone

1. Kyarenga – Bobi Wine

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Celebrity Gossip

Anita Fabiola Sells Calendars to Raise School Fees For Orphans



Media personality Anita Fabiola came out a week ago and announced the selling off of her own personalized 2019 Calendars with her own photos and motivational quotes but now reports reaching us indicate that she has registered a massive sell out.

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Even though the Calendars are being sold at a whooping fee of UGx40,000, it being that she is selling them for a Charity cause, the NBS TV Katch Up host has registered a massive sale hence generating income for the “Fab Girls Foundation.”

The calendar is the beginning of Anita Fabiola merchandising her brand and being an entrepreneur as all proceeds are going to supporting Her NGO,the “Fab Girls Foundation” which looks at creating awareness for issues like stopping Gender based Violence.

The culture of celebrities branding things to raise money for foundations was seen among international celebrities but now Fabiola is the first Ugandan celebrity to capitalize on this gesture.

To reach this goal, Fabiola partnered with Naguru Skyz Hotel, Golden Tulip and Glitz by Nalu to work on this amazing project.

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