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  • Fresh Diary announce partnership with UNAPCHN

    / April 3, 2017

    Fresh Dairy has announced a one-year partnership with Uganda National Association of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses (UNAPCHN) aimed at promoting standards within Paediatric nursing practice which will in turn improve the health and nutrition of children in Uganda.

    The Uganda National Association of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses (UNAPCHN) was officially registered in 2014 as a company limited by guarantee with membership drawn from Paediatric wards, Mother and child clinics, maternity wards, and Medical colleges across Uganda.

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    Uganda National association of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses (UNAPCHN) members use a skit to demonstrate emergency pediatric practices. This was during a press conference to announce the partnership between Fresh Dairy and UNAPCHN.

    Speaking about the partnership, Oliver Mary Director Marketing Fresh Dairy said, “We recognize that by joining UNAPCHN expertise in children and Fresh Dairy expertise in Nutrition, we are in the best position to create a Healthy generation together in Uganda.”

    “Fresh Dairy will support UNAPCHN in carrying out Paediatric and Child Health Nurses initiatives across the country to include Research, Health Education, Medical camps, Health care professionals’ engagement, Patients care, Parents input and Children involvement,” Oliver added.

    Jolly Rubambarama, Chairperson UNAPCHN thanked Fresh Dairy for coming on board as a partner for nutrition and noted that in Uganda, the speciality of paediatric and child health nurses requires a multi-sectoral approach with involvement from Government, private sector, medical personnel, parents and communities at large because it is a matter that affects everybody.



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