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  • FIRE! Star TV presenters gang up against Bukedde TV’s Fifi

    / December 22, 2016

    Fifi da Queen

    By Prim Kembabazi

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    A war is brewing between three media professionals, Fifi Da Queen real names Fiona Nakitengero of the Kanayokya Ani show and Star TV’s Sarah Babirye, Kasenyanku and Peace Diana over a man.

    Trouble started when Fifi attacked Sarah on her show on Bukedde TV last Sunday when she was hosting NBS TV’s Ssenga Justine Nantume saying that there are so many Ssenga’s (Love doctors) in town who claim to help young couples make their relationships stable when they themselves have failed to maintain their marriages. She said that Sarah was one of them.

    Little did Fifi know that she had opened a can of worms as the women ganged up on her and assured her of all her sins. They said that Fifi is a man eater, she has been sleeping with several men around the city including two lecturers and several musicians. They also went ahead to say that she has been using FACO to make her body look better than her natural self to be able to sale herself to these men.

    The women called Fifi a dense person who barely made it out of school and only used her body to get far.

    Fifi is yet to reply.

    We will keep you posted.

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