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  • Fille reveals MC Kats’ favorite dish. Find out here!

    / May 2, 2016

    By Lee Osbourne

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    Singing diva Fille Mutoni recently revealed her lover MC Kats’ favorite dish.

    While appearing on local television, Fille was asked what she cooks for her man that makes him continue loving her,  and the Mbeera Eno singer disclosed that he loves Matooke and Gnuts most.

    “He loves Matooke and Gnuts, that’s his favorite dish,” Fille said with a smile on her face.

    The No money hit maker who looked very happy throughout the interview, seems ready to bear with all situations and love her man no matter what haters say about them.

    It should be recalled that Fille once confessed that she would eat posho and beans but keep her love with MC Kats burning.



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