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  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About First-Time Sex

    / September 16, 2016

    Going to do it for the first-time? I am sure you have a lot of questions and fears about what, when, how. I am not saying it’s going to be a cakewalk but it sure isn’t that big a deal and here’s all you need to know about first-time sex and how you’ll be able to make it a great experience. All the virgins out there, take notes.

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    1. Talk it out. And tell your partner if you are not okay with something. It’s always better to let them know what you think.

    2. You won’t always bleed. Don’t worry if you don’t. Not everyone has an intact hymen and not bleeding means your hymen is already broken, which is completely fine.

    3. If you do bleed, don’t fret. It’s just a matter of time.

    4. Don’t get stressed. Stressing will increase the pain as it clenches the muscles. So we suggest you relax and enjoy the act.

    5. Don’t laugh if he can’t get it up or worry if you are not wet enough. Too much of pressure and anxiety does that. Take the next best option and resort to kissing, cuddling and oral sex may be.

    6. Always be safe. Get to know his sexual history and make sure he uses a condom. Not doing so will make you more prone to sexually transmitted diseases.

    7. Be open-minded and don’t expect too much from your first time. Sex generally improves once you get better.

    8. Foreplay is key. You need more of all the stuff like kissing, touching and oral sex that leads up to intercourse to make the experience a better one.

    9. You need to be aroused before you proceed. And foreplay helps you in getting ready for the act. Being aroused will assure you are also sufficiently lubricated so that penetration becomes better.

    10. Use lube. If you are not wet enough he’ll have trouble entering you and the friction can cause the condom to tear. So keep a lubricant handy.

    11. He isn’t an expert and every sexual experience is unique so don’t assume anything. He could be as tensed as you are.

    12. You may not have an orgasm and that’s totally fine. It’s good if you do but don’t expect it immediately. It’s come with comfort and practice.

    13. Don’t fake it too. Faking it is like cheating yourself; instead, let him know you were close and may be next time you do it, the sex will be better.

    14. Practice makes one perfect. There’s no right and wrong but you’ll learn what works for you on-the-go. Meanwhile you can read up a little but be assured you’ll figure it out.

    15. There will be a little awkwardness even if you are totally in love with your partner. But once you get comfortable it will get better.

    16. Do it only when you are ready. Sex isn’t as important as we make it to be so don’t get into it until and unless you are totally ready for it. This is the most important thing to enjoying it.




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