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  • Eddie Murphy Releases A Video To His Reggae Song Featuring Snoop Lion

    / September 12, 2013


    A while back we wrote about Eddie Murphy releasing a reggae song. This we thought was just a phase that the actor was going through. After a spate of really crappy movies in the recent past, it was only natural for the legendary actor to find an outlet for such frustration.

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    Turns out Eddie was darn serious about his music career. He went ahead and released a video for his reggae song, Red Light, alongside Snoop Lion.

    It would surprise many that this is not Eddie’s first song. Infact, this reggae tune is part of Eddie Murphy’s upcoming album, 9.

    Asked why he took the reggae route, Eddie replied, “I have always had a deep love and passion for music, here are so many important issues and events taking place in our country and the world right now that I think are being lost in the frenzy of sensationalism, and I felt moved to speak about it in my own way.

    Reggae music embodies love and positivity and has always been rooted in social consciousness, so it was the perfect genre for what I wanted to say.  I decided to reach out to my long-time friend, Snoop Lion to hop on the track since we both strive for the same positivity”

    While his music is just as good as his latest movies, we do hope that this iconic Hollywood actor has fun doing it.



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