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  • I don’t enjoy Chameleone’s music and can’t even waste my time listening to it – Rapper Don MC

    / May 2, 2016

    By Lee Osbourne 

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    Jose Chameleone might be arguably Uganda’s number one musician following several hit songs he has released year after year but rapper Don MC says that he doesn’t enjoy his music.

    While doing an interview on Suubi FM on Saturday morning, Don MC shocked listeners after he revealed that he has never enjoyed Chameleone’s music and can never waste his time listening to any of his songs.

    “Chameleone has great music but I am not his fan. He is a musician and a legend but his music has never turned me on,” Don MC confessed.

    The Love Portion singer also added that he actually prefers listening to upcoming artiste Dennis Bitone’s music to Chameleone’s.

    We are yet to establish if these two artistes have any bad blood between them.



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