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  • Crystal Newman reveals why she loves Uber

    / April 20, 2017

    In this weather, everyone in Kampala deserves a safe, reliable and comfortable ride.

    We had a chat with Crystal Newman, a Ugandan journalist, to find out why she rides with Uber and here’s what she told us.

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    • Tell us about yourself?

    My name is Crystal Newman. I’m a Ugandan Broadcast journalist, Celeb Select host, Events host and Mrs World-Uganda 2011.

    • Why do you ride?

    I ride because it is safe and convenient for me. And of course, it’s really affordable. I don’t think many people understand how affordable it is.

    • What occasions do you use Uber to?

    I use Uber to work on days when there is traffic. I find that it’s less stressful and it frees up my hands and attention to get work done in the backseat, even if it’s on my phone. But I use Uber most on weekends and nights out.

    • What makes you feel safe about riding with Uber?

    Uber is safe mostly due to the transparency when it comes to both the driver and car provided in the app.

    • What’s your favorite feature in the Uber app?

    This is an easy one. I love how I’m able to see exactly where the car is and how long it will take for the driver to get to me. It allows for better planning.

    • What’s your favorite place to Uber to?

    My favorite place to Uber to is the center of town, where I work. I do not have to stress over the traffic and finding parking.

    • Why did you first download the Uber app?

    The first time I used Uber was when I was in South Africa with a friend. As soon as it came to Uganda, I was quick to jump on board!

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