“Cindy is so Cheap, She Opens Her Legs Faster than Google”, says Ex-Boyfriend
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  • “Cindy is so Cheap, She Opens Her Legs Faster than Google”, says Ex-Boyfriend

    / February 5, 2014

    By Our Reporter

    Now that we all know that Cindy Sanyu, one of Uganda’s greatest female artistes was dumped a day ago by her boyfriend Mario Brunette, we reveal the core cause of the break-up.

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    For a longtime, things have not been moving on well with this couple. According to friends; “It’s Cindy who started it all, she suspected Mario of cheating on her and she decided to go on a spree of revenge sex with different dudes around Kampala. And to make matters worse, she made Mario go on a forced sex-fast denying him any sex whatsoever.”

    But other friends think it all came from the different careers they all had to juggle. “One is a bar manager, another is a music artiste, their schedules can never coordinate. Whereas Cindy would keep on meeting many potential dudes, Mario on the other hand kept on meeting tens of beautiful babes at Cayenne.”

    Our snoops overheard Mario discussing the breakup; “Cindy is so cheap, she opens her legs faster than google, she’s just not wife material. If a woman cheats on you multiple times, the best thing is to let go and move on with people who can respect you. What kind of mother never gets time for their baby, she’s always kissing with different guys in night clubs, I had had enough.”

    Two weeks ago, Cindy was caught on camera kissing with one of Weasle’s friends, probably a good life member not forgetting another sugar daddy in South Africa whom she sent her nude photos. The two will now tussle out to see who takes custody of their only child.

    But we can tell Cindy is happier since the new South African dude he has, is more loaded than the stingy Mario.




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