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  • Chameleone’s rift with Trace Mziki deepens

    / November 17, 2016

    Jose Chameleone

    Local musician Dr Jose Chameleone’s rift with Trace Mziki, a regional music channel, has continued to deepen.

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    The “Wale Wale” star fell out with the TV station early this month after they appeared to support a campaign by Ugandan DJs to boycott the singer’s music for allegedly beating up their fellow deejay.

    Chameleone expressed his disappointment with Trace Mziki online accusing them of fostering hate in the music industry through spreading false propaganda instead of working towards promoting unity.

    This evoked vicious attacks from the singer’s fans online on Trace Mziki who consequently took down the controversial post that caused the stir.

    However, the bad blood continues to simmer between Chameleone and Trace Mziki. We have learnt the music channel has now blocked him on their social media platforms. “Trace Mziki, did you guys really block me?” A shocked Chameleone revealed.

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