Chameleone and wife Daniella
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  • Chameleone and wife Daniella named among East Africa’s top Power Couples

    / February 16, 2017

    Chameleone and wife Daniella

    Ugandan musician Dr. Jose Chameleone and his wife Atim Daniella have been named among East Africa’s top power couples in the 2017 February issue of DRUM EA, East Africa’s premier society magazine.

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    According to the magazine, the couple has proved that marriage between two people in the public eye can actually work.

    DRUM power couples in East Africa

    Chameleone has been married to Daniella for close to a decade, a period over which they have continued to prove they are deeply in love by brushing off numerous rumours of their break up.

    The couple is blessed with four children; Abba Marcus, Alfa Joseph, Alba Shyne and Amma Mayanja.

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