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  • “We are stuck together!” — Chameleone responds to divorce rumours

    / April 19, 2017

    Musician Jose Chameleone has responded to reports claiming that his wife Daniella Atim had filed for divorce.

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    It was alleged that Daniella accused Chameleone of domestic violence and consequently asked the Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court to officially dissolve their marriage.

    According to media reports, Daniella is said to have filed a petition through Okurut and Company Advocates, in which she stated that Chameleone batters and tortures her and the children. The reports further alleged that she is scared for her life and also wants a restraining order issued against the singer.

    However, the “Wale Wale” star has come out to dismiss the reports insisting that they are stuck together. In a Facebook Live video, Chameleone proved that he is still with Daniella as the couple was seen driving in the same car along with their kids.

    He further wrote alongside the video, “What God put together, No man shall put apart!! We are not Angels so no one is perfect. It’s not the times a man falls that matter, It’s his strength to stand again.

    “Love you so much Daniella, Regardless of what is spreading around we stuck together so they should know. There shall be NO DIVORCE as reported.”

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