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No More Arguments: Eddy Kenzo Is Uganda’s Number One Music Artiste

By Ian Ortega  I would love to confess that I really doubted Eddy Kenzo. I don’t want to claim like many that I saw all his success, the success that has been part of him in the first year coming….

June 29, 2015

Artistes should respect their fans – Furious fan speaks out

By  KS Brian One reason I stopped going to music concerts is the way those top notch celebrities repetitively disrespect their fans. I will skip the part where they ask us to clap and sing, yet that is not why…

June 8, 2015

Opinion: There is Nothing Wrong With Fabiola’s Nudity

By Ian Ortega The history of nudity will teach many an interesting thing about how certain things become acceptable and other things become unacceptable. So basically, when you feel ashamed when another person has seen you nude, it’s not because…

May 27, 2015

OPINION: Why Shimoni Demo School Is Uganda’s Greatest Primary School?

By Ian Ortega No one is coming to save you. No one will give you the job of your dreams. No one will build you the house of your dreams. No one will hand you these things on a silver…

April 30, 2015


Here is why Ugandan Upcoming artistes will die poor according a one blogger Peng Peng: When a Ugandan Upcoming artist is blessed with a hit song,He will think he is better than the veterans in the music Industry.I want upcoming artists…

April 29, 2015

Opinion: Uganda not given enough chance to host regional competitions depriving it of its chances to win

By Tuhairwe Joab Am grieved to see that every time a regional competition is up, the host country of choice is Kenya. This has always kept me wondering whether there are no other countries in the region with similar facilities. It should…

April 27, 2015

Opinion: How To Start Your Own Television In Uganda At No Cost

By Ian Ortega The next stage and I repeat the next stage in the Media Industry of Uganda is going to call for real specialization. This is what I mean. What if we had a Ugandan TV channel that dedicated…

April 24, 2015

OPINION: Too Bad, Malcolm Gibson Can’t Finish What He Started At Daily Monitor, He’s Resigned.

By Our Reporter “Joyce and I hit the one-year anniversary mark of landing in Kampala on Sunday. We’d planned to celebrate by going to the same restaurant we went to on our arrival a year ago Sunday — a revolving…

March 12, 2015

OPINION: Bebe Cool’s “EVERYWHERE I GO” Music Video Rated Worst Ugandan Video of 2015 So Far.

By Ian Ortega How much did Bebe Cool pay those Godfather Production guys to shoot his video? Either he over-bargained, and that’s the best they could do for the money he could afford or they just intended to make him…

January 23, 2015

UGANDA 2015 Predictions: The New Year Will Be One of Shocks and Surprises

By Ian Ortega “What will 2015 be like?” a lay man may ask. What should one expect? Will there be growth or will it be a year of decline? How will the year converge? Where does Uganda end up socially,…

December 30, 2014