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Bobi Wine

Why Bobi Wine Is Uganda’s Most Intelligent Musician?

By Ortega Ian Then there is Bobi Wine, there is a philosophical side to his music that gets me thinking. It’s funny that I can be a fan of two divergent camps. Perhaps because music knows no boundaries. I don’t…

July 22, 2015

Juliana Kanyomozi

Why Juliana Kanyomozi Has The Best Character In Uganda’s Music Industry?

By Ortega Ian Juliana is one of the Ugandan musicians that I sincerely have a soft spot for. Of course she was my first crush in the music industry. That was way back when I was some young chap in…

July 22, 2015

Dr. Jose Chameleone

Why Jose Chameleone Is The Mozart of Uganda’s Music Industry?

By Ian Ortega I rarely write about Chameleone because it’s simple, he’s mysterious, he’s unpredictable. You can’t figure him out and that’s what makes him a musical star. You know there is going to be a time when Chameleone won’t…

July 22, 2015

Opinion: Sauti Soul don’t deserve much praise, BigTym would do better!

By Tuhairwe Joab It’s just a few days after Kenyan singing group Sauti Sol performed in Kampala. Some revelers were left disgruntled claiming Sauti Sol’s performance was not worth 100K with other people saying Swahili Nation put up a better performance. What…

July 15, 2015

City Rock entertainment crew

Why City Rock Entertainment is bound to be the best group 5 years from now

By Tuhairwe Joab City Rock Entertainment was formed way back in 2006 as a boys and girls dance group. However, along the way group they decided to venture into music and they have since released a couple of songs which include; Kavunza, Oshanana, Teddy tereza among…

July 4, 2015

REALLY: Why Africans Are Boycotting the Next BET Awards!

By DJ Chick The BET awards were established in 2001 by the Black Entertainment Television (BET) to celebrate African Americans and other minorities in music, acting, sports, as well as other fields of entertainment. The awards are presented annually and…

June 30, 2015

No More Arguments: Eddy Kenzo Is Uganda’s Number One Music Artiste

By Ian Ortega  I would love to confess that I really doubted Eddy Kenzo. I don’t want to claim like many that I saw all his success, the success that has been part of him in the first year coming….

June 29, 2015

Artistes should respect their fans – Furious fan speaks out

By  KS Brian One reason I stopped going to music concerts is the way those top notch celebrities repetitively disrespect their fans. I will skip the part where they ask us to clap and sing, yet that is not why…

June 8, 2015

Opinion: There is Nothing Wrong With Fabiola’s Nudity

By Ian Ortega The history of nudity will teach many an interesting thing about how certain things become acceptable and other things become unacceptable. So basically, when you feel ashamed when another person has seen you nude, it’s not because…

May 27, 2015

OPINION: Why Shimoni Demo School Is Uganda’s Greatest Primary School?

By Ian Ortega No one is coming to save you. No one will give you the job of your dreams. No one will build you the house of your dreams. No one will hand you these things on a silver…

April 30, 2015