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10 Marriage Lessons That Fathers Must Give To Their Daughters

For a daughter, her father is a hero and her best friend. She always looks up to him for advice, for support, for motivation, and for teaching the valuable lessons of life. Right from birth until the later days of…

July 12, 2017

3 Ridiculous reasons why a woman will friend-zone you

To ‘friendzone’ is an act most girls are familiar with; one that many have applied on a number of occasions for varying reasons. The term is used to explain a situation where someone wants to be more than friends with…

July 12, 2017

7 Ways to keep your relationship fun after you become parents

We all know everything changes after having a baby. Your body, your sleep schedule and your relationship. You and your love are parents now! And as exciting as it is to have a little baby you created together, things are…

July 11, 2017

6 Ways to attract a sugar daddy

If you want to date an older man, try to hide that you are interested in his wealth. 1. Be confident Confidence is infectious and men are always attracted to confident women. To attract older men, show your confidence and…

July 11, 2017

6 Ways to spend less on a date

Giving her expensive gifts and taking her to fancy restaurants won’t always impress. Try these date ideas to score more points. 1. Cook dinner at home Visit your local market and buy all the ingredients needed to prepare her favorite…

July 11, 2017

Oral sex producing unstoppable bacteria

Oral sex is producing dangerous gonorrhoea and a decline in condom use is helping it to spread, the World Health Organization has said. It warns that if someone contracts gonorrhoea, it is now much harder to treat, and in some…

July 10, 2017

4 Ways That Your Period Messes With Your Skin

The same hormones that control your monthly cycle can also wreak havoc on your skin! What your period does to our bodies (the cramps! The cravings!) is pretty irritating. But what it does to our skin is simply not pretty….

July 10, 2017

5 Reasons Ladies Will Avoid Having Sex With You

Men usually complain that their women seem to avoid s*x, and they can”t figure out why. For avoidance of doubt, here are some reasons why your woman may sometimes turn down your s*xual advances. 1. You can’t get hard. In a…

July 10, 2017

Kampala’s top slay queens unveiled

By Alex Masereka Ever wondered who the new crème de la crème of Kampala is? We don’t mean socialites — a phrase that no longer holds value and is now used to describe girls who are popular on social media because…

July 10, 2017

10 Compliments every woman needs to hear often

Compliments are a great way to make anyone’s day; but women tend to hear a lot of the same compliments over and over. So here are a few unique ideas that will be much more appreciated than “You look nice.”…

July 5, 2017