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5 Good qualities that don’t make him Mr. Right

Finding a guy with a great smile, similar values and a successful career can feel like a dream come true. But just because he has amazing qualities doesn’t always mean he’s right for you. There are several great qualities that…

February 16, 2017

Huawei Carrier BG President Zou Zhilei gives a welcome address at the London briefing

Huawei Committed to Telecom Digital Transformation

Huawei held a pre-MWC 2017 briefing in London on Wednesday, during which Huawei Carrier BG President Zou Zhilei noted that a Better Connected World is fast approaching. He emphasized that Huawei is committed to becoming a partner of operators and…

February 16, 2017

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5 Signs of a real gentleman

It takes a real man to admit he’s been terrible in his manly ways. So here is my to-do list. What I want to live and demonstrate. What I want my sons to learn. What I want my daughter to…

February 15, 2017

Uganda dating, Sex life, Sex

10 Ways to show your partner that you actually care

Saying I love you is the easy part of a relationship. Making the required effort to show that you actually do… that’s where many guys mess it all up. Keeping your girl truly satisfied and happy at all times is…

February 15, 2017


13 Reasons why you should have sex with your partner every night

Like you need more reasons to have sex, anyway, if you’re in the market for more excuses cleverly disguised as reasons. When relationships gets difficult or unbearable, one of the first thing to go is the sex, they become far…

February 15, 2017

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5 Ways to Get Over the Pain of a Breakup

There is a literal pain that comes with the loss of a relationship: a sharp, palpable pain that most people feel at the point that their lower ribs connect. It’s a pulsing, weepy pain that digs into your diaphragm, and…

February 14, 2017


Ladies: 6 Tips to asking any guy out

Instead of waiting for Prince Charming to appear, take matters into your own hands! So you’re looking for a boyfriend, but you just can’t seem to find him. You go out all the time and have great conversations with men, but nothing…

February 14, 2017

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13 Sex Skills No Man Can Resist

Sure, you know a thing or two about how to lock lips with your guy. After all, it’s been part of your sexual repertoire ever since the days when you called it making out, right? But if you’re not using…

February 14, 2017

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11 Ways Valentine’s Day Sex Changes After Marriage

1. You don’t need to put on sexy music. Who needs sexy music when you’ve got the feeling of ~married life~ in the air? You might even put on something over-the-top and ridiculous like “I’ll Make Love To You” because…

February 14, 2017

Dating Uganda, sex Life

6 Steps to picking out the perfect gift for your lover

Valentine’s  Day is just around the corner and your prep time for lover’s day wooing is running out. Still, you don’t know what to get her! Asking someone what to get them as a present kills all the romance and…

February 13, 2017