BREAKING NEWS: Juliana’s S-XTAPE with King Lawrence Leaks
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  • BREAKING NEWS: Juliana’s S-XTAPE with King Lawrence Leaks

    / December 23, 2013

    By Our Reporter

    New coming in from Serena Hotel Kampala where King Lawrence and Juliana Kanyomozi spent the night has it that the s-xtape of the two has leaked. which is still analyzing the tape can comfortably confirm the identity of Juliana and King Lawrence in this s-xtape.

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    Due to the current laws about Pornography, will only be releasing snipped shots of the s-xtape with the two at King Lawrence’s Serena Room.

    A Room Attendant at Serena Hotel gives her evidence;

    “I first saw King Lawrence go out at around mid-day, smartly dressed. Till then, he had not had a female companion at his hotel room, even though his room entitles him to have another hotel-mate. Then at a few minutes to mid-night, just as my shift was about to end, I spot King Lawrence and Juliana Kanyomozi. Of course, I was star-struck, because seeing your best musician always makes you leap to the sky. The two were to go in the room, and I am not certain of what happened thereafter. Next morning, when I reported for work, I asked my colleagues whether Juliana had left, and they confirmed that she had just left at 10am, dressed in different clothes from the ones she came in with. Of course, it was shocking, because Juliana had not booked a room at Serena.”

    Unknown to Juliana, King Lawrence had recorded the s-xtape of their ordeal to prove to his friends back in South Africa that he’s on a different level. The s-xtape doesn’t have a very long sexual scene, it contains more of cuddling and a few moments of making love before the video is cut short.

    How the video leaked is another story altogether. But perhaps King Lawrence shared it with one of his friends on Whatsapp or someone transferred the video from his laptop to the flash. There are many possible ways and is less interested in the hows. Our editors are currently going through the video which will be released soon.

    This will be the third s-xtape involving a Tooro princess. For now, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




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