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  • Bobi Wine Makes Millions From Yatch Business.

    / May 2, 2016

    Luxury is the new industry! Bobi Wine’s fleet of yatches is said to be fetching him loads of millions per day as several loaded men and women throng his Busaabala beach establishment to get a taste of the life they only watch in movies.

    We have been reliably informed that he charges over Ushs 4M for a 4 hour sail on the waters of the lake. According to sources, the official and accepted dress code on the yatch is all “white everything” a style meant to exude luxury, money and living life large.

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    Bobi Wine and his family enjoy a ride on his new yacht.

    Bobi rests assured of money in his pocket even without performing as an artist. Our sources revealed that over the weekend, the yatch was booked to an extent that some had to secure the following days due to huge demand.

    The singer is a shrewd business man and owns several other businesses. This is what our very own Stuart G-Khast would call #FromTheGhettoToTheBank

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