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  • Bebe Cool set to release Uganda Cranes anthem

    / January 18, 2017

    Bebe Cool Cranes

    Bebe Cool is set to release a Uganda Cranes anthem.

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    The “Byebyo” hitmaker and Uganda Cranes ambassador has announced that the anthem will be titled “Lumba”.

    According to Bebe, it will serve as a morale booster to the team. He said, “In this one I urge my team to push forward despite the hardships/criticism and not to worry even if we fall,as long as we can stand up again and again coz when Uganda stands,it stands tall. There fore Uganda Cranes lumba lumba lumba…”

    This comes after the Uganda Cranes finally qualified for the biggest football tournament on the continent again after 39 years. They are currently participating in the ongoing African Cup of Nations which is being hosted in Gabon.

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